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Development Log

Date Developer Feature Description
08/2018Michael LopezFuel LogThe fuel log moves into the 21st century and are now logged on the website. Mileage, gas utilization and MPG is now also calculated and audited.
05/2017Michael LopezFeedbackFeedback can now be submitted by patients to crews
04/2017Daniel HoffmanHour TrackingAbility for administrative members to log their
03/2017Michael LopezChecksheetsRig and bag checks can now be completed online through the website allowing better tracking and notification about out of stock items
02/2017Daniel HoffmanBryx IntegrationPaging from the website is now pushed as a Bryx message
01/2017Daniel HoffmanTrainee EvaluationAdded page to allow trainers to find uncompleted evaluations.
11/2016Peter Del ColEquipmentInventory management and tracking system
01/2016Thomas GrumetAdministrative Reporting FormsProcess to allow administrative issues be submitted to the Executive Board
01/2016Eric FletcherOngoing support and developmentDevelopment efforts prior to development log
01/2009Michael DePasqualeOriginal Development and DesignDevelopment efforts prior to development log