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Will I get in trouble if my friend or I have to go to the hospital for drinking too much and we are underage?

In order to avoid the dangerous and possibly fatal effects of alcohol poisoning or overdosing from other drugs, students are encouraged to contact Public Safety, RIT Ambulance, the Center for Residence Life staff, or some other person able to assist or to get assistance if they notice an individual who has passed out or shows other signs of serious effects from alcohol or drug consumption. The Good Samaritan Protocol protects the caller, the person in need of assistance, and any witnesses involved from receiving disciplinary sanction. Keeping RIT's value in student health and safety in mind, this protocol is designed to provide education rather than discipline when a student voluntarily contacts University personnel seeking medical assistance related to alcohol or other drugs.
For more infomartion, please see the Official RIT Policy.

What should I do if a friend had too much to drink or may have overdosed on drugs?

Call 911. Alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses can kill. If a friend has been drinking, especially a large amount over a short period of time, has hurt him or herself while drinking or has been taking drugs, look for these signs of possible alcohol poisoning/drug overdose:

  • Confusion, inability to stay awake or respond to shouting and shaking
  • Changes in behavior
  • Pale, cold or bluish skin
  • Passing out
  • Vomiting
  • Irregular or slow breathing

Don't leave him or her to "sleep it off"

  • Call 911 or Public Safety (585) 475-3333 immediately-you could save a life
  • Try to wake the person
  • Stay with the person-don't leave him or her alone
  • Try to roll the person onto his or her side-don't leave the person lying on his/her back-he/she could vomit and choke

Is my information kept confidential?

RIT Ambulance values your privacy as much as you do. You should know that any call for medical help will be kept in the strictest of confidentiality by our responders and those of any other agency responding to your call. Though RIT Ambulance members may be students, faculty, alumni, or staff you could be familiar with, it is important to realize that RIT Ambulance members will maintain a professional relationship when dealing with your medical problems or concerns.

Will I have to pay for being evaluated or treated by RIT Ambulance?

If RIT Ambulance responds to a call dispatched by the Monroe County 911 Emergency Communications Department, the services that RIT Ambulance provides for patients are free of charge. If RIT Ambulance is not available to respond or if paramedic services are required, Monroe County 911 Emergency Communications will dispatch another Monroe County Ambulance service. Outside Ambulance services do charge for service.

Can I request RIT Ambulance?

For calls on the RIT Campus, when an emergency call is received, the dispatcher sends RIT Ambulance if a crew is available. If the RIT Ambulance crew is unavailable or the nature of the call is severe, another agency may respond instead of or in addition to RIT Ambulance.

Does RIT Ambulance charge for their services?

RIT Ambulance does not bill patients for care provided by the agency. RITA does charge organizations for providing a dedicated crew at preplanned events. For more information on billing for special event coverage, please contact

I understand some of your EMTs are students, do they have the knowledge to take care of me?

RIT Ambulance crews meet standards that exceed the state minimum requirements for ambulance crews. Newer members are paired up with a FTO (Field Training Officer) for observation and experience while taking their EMT class. A new EMT must have completed a state-certified course, passed a written and practical examination and be licensed by the State of New York. Even with these qualifications, however, a new EMT cannot participate in patient care without additional training that we provide onsite. Members are encouraged to take additional training throughout the county and state. As an agency, we drill with neighboring agencies to keep our skills sharp. Many of our providers also ride at other agencies both at school or while home.

Does RIT Ambulance provide transportation to the hospital?

Yes, RIT Ambulance provides free emergency transportation to the following hospitals:

  • Strong Memorial Hospital (URMC)
  • Highland Hospital
  • Rochester General Hospital
  • Unity Hospital

I live off campus, can the RIT Ambulance still take me from the hospital?

While the RIT Ambulance does respond to some calls off campus, its primary response district is property owned or operated by the Rochester Institute of Technology. A different ambulance covers off-campus student housing which may result in a bill for treatment or transportation to the hospital.

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