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Executive Board

Daniel Bliss
Chief of Operations:
Alex Zelman
Vice President:
Eric Trinkle
Public Relations Director:
Riley Howard
Recruitment and Retention Director:
Rhiannon Wagner
Zachary Kaczmarek

Operations Staff

Chief of Operations:
Alex Zelman 6M13
Deputy Chief of Operations:
Derek Hochbrueckner 6M23
Knycos Ferguson 6M33
Carl Sadowski 6M43
John Chizmadia 6M53

Life Members

Christopher AdamsCaleb BarlowDan BlomMatthew Busa
Dave CaiEdward CeroneAlex ChadisJohn Chizmadia
Harrison CoAlan CohenLori CopertinoRobert Craig
Michele De La SotaPeter Del ColJeremy DuMontKnycos Ferguson
Tim FortunaDave HarrisStephen HooverVince Incardona
Reagan KellyAaron KumpJason KumpMichael Lopez
Edward MackowiakEric MarchCyrus NelsonDaniel Newman
Stephen PacholskiMatthew PillsburyTodd PollickZachary Roberts
Erik RohdeAlly RothbergMatt RothbergLisa Ryder
Carl SadowskiMichael SaltisAri SandersBenjamin Schafer
Justin SegerJim SheehanSean SimsMichael Stern
Keith TabakmanDave Van EppsTed Van HorneJohn Van Itallie
Dana VinchPaul WhalenScott Whittemore

Honorary Members

Elliote Simpson Senator James AlesiDr. Taura BlythMary Beth Cooper
RIT Women's CouncilKevin De La SotaDr. Brooke DurlandE. Cassandra Jordan
Timothy KeadyPat MailletFred SmithDeborah Stendardi
Beth WhiteDaniel Woods

Quick Information

Emergency: 911 or (585) 475-3333
Phone: (585) 475-2605
Fax: (585) 475-7788
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We are always looking for highly-motivated volunteers: Information on joining RIT Ambulance. You can also talk to one of our members by visiting our base located in Building 23A, the Student Health Center, on the bottom floor.

Need an ambulance for your event? All standby requests are booked through RIT's Event Management System

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